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The Court System can be overwhelming.  I am committed to helping you manage the system and its challenges. I am dedicated to explaining the process in a way that is tailored to you, your needs and your specific circumstances.

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Tennessee State Court or Federal Middle District , Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, I serve you. 

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 My experiences as a Criminal Defense Attorney, Assistant Attorney General, Police Chief, Assistant District Attorney General make me uniquely qualified to represent you. 

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Over my 20 years of legal practice, I have served as Assistant Attorney General for the State of Tennessee, Public Defender in Tennessee and Guam and Chief of Police in the Northern Mariana Islands. With the support of those I have served, I accomplished several "firsts".

My commitment to the justice process led me to become

  •  The First Female Commissioner of Public Safety and Chief of Police for the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands.As Commissioner of Public Safety, I assisted in providing security for the first United States Congressional Sub-Committee Meeting held outside the continental Unite States. I also coordinated security for the Emperor of Japan during his first and only official visit to the Norther Mariana Islands.
  •  The First Female Chairperson of the Pacific Island Chiefs of Police Organization.  
  • The First female chief to represent Pacific Chiefs  internationally. 
  • The First secretary appointed by a Governor to the Guam Police Review Commission.


How can I serve on different sides of the law?  The focus of the justice system should be the achievement of equality and fairness in the face of the law.

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As a Criminal Defense Attorney, your Defense Attorney, I offer my varied experience and zealous advocacy in representing you.

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